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America's Success Strategist Expert

“Ron is a dynamic and powerful speaker whose story of courage, determination, and belief that anything is possible will help you achieve your personal and corporate goals. He will inspire you and your team to step outside your comfort zone and take your talents to new heights that will amaze you!”

Les Brown
World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Television Personality

The economy has stalled your sales. Your marketing ROI keeps your CFO awake at night. Your competition seems to be thriving and you wonder if your current initiatives will resurrect your stagnant organization.

What if you could give every employee an adrenaline shot in the arm that re-frames their belief system, develops a blueprint to success, and greatly impacts your organization's overall success?

You can.

Ron Shimony, Author of the book ‘Ron for your lifeSM’ and the founder of XTREME Performers Academy, motivates and teaches teams and individuals how to achieve their personal and professional goals. Believing that “anything is possible” allowed Ron to overcome great odds and threats to his very survival while coping with driving and living in a taxicab in a new country, catapulting him toward an amazing level of personal growth and business success, becoming a top sales executive at Nextel Communications and piloting a wireless start-up to becoming a $100 million enterprise in just a few years.

Ron Shimony’s breakthrough presentations and workshops will instill renewed hope, energy, and belief in you and your employees to becoming XTREME Performers. Ron’s dynamic speaking style and message will transform your life quickly as he inspires you to become a "possibility thinker," bust through barriers, and overcome daily obstacles to achieve immediate results.

Former U.S. Congressman Mr. Ed Foreman attests:

"When you listen to Ron speak, you will realize there ain't no mountain too high, no river too deep, no obstacle too tough to keep you from achieving your goal. Those who implement Ron’s shared lessons can't help but be inspired, uplifted, and motivated to do more with his or her own life."

Let’s face it: Belief in ourselves and the possibility of achieving our goals is often fragile and riddle with doubt. Disrupted careers, corporate downsizing, and instability in our personal lives cause many people to question their abilities and hesitate to reach higher.

Ron knows that there is no status quo in life; change is the only constant. He is living proof of how a change in attitude can change everything. Refusing to accept limitations and to change his tune to the concept that anything is possible propelled him from tough times as an immigrant, struggling to survive in America, to remarkable achievements and success. Let him show you how to do it too!

Ron's XTREME Performers Academy focuses on instilling the
7 Secret Elements of XTREME Performers, which are vital components to re-energizing your team, propelling them to achieve your organizational objectives.

"Listening to Ron's inspiring story of struggle and perseverance led me to my own inner wisdom. This message is for young people, business people and anyone who wishes to aim high!"

Diana Sterling CEO, New Generations International, Author of The Parent as Coach Approach

If you are looking for a speaker with a powerful message, delivery, and content, that will hold your audience spellbound, transform their thinking from pessimism to possibility, and make a difference in YOUR business, your search is over. He makes a difference in people's lives and impacts corporations BOTTOM LINE by instilling a message of hope and belief in their employees to reach their full potential and achieve a higher level of success.

Ron’s speech transformed the belief in our people that it’s possible for us to achieve our goals in each of our 100 corporate retail stores – and we did!”

Hakam Batarseh, CEO of Sprint/Cermak

Ron’s energetic speaking style, personal experience, and expertise are the reason sales professionals, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals from all walks of life are eager to listen to his message. Ron will instantly connect with your audience, touching their hearts and souls by sharing his amazing story. He illustrates real-world lessons and teaches diverse audiences how to:

  • Become possibility thinkers and break barriers
  • Cope with and overcome daily obstacles
  • Seize opportunities in difficult times
  • Recognize and unleash individual power to achieve what may seem impossible
  • Evolve with the times, leading to higher productivity in the work force and noticeable financial results
  • Build self-belief and shift rigid attitudes
  • Fuel hidden energy and enthusiasm, and get fired up about life
  • Ultimately become XTREME Performers!

A Dynamic Yet Down-to-Earth Speaker

Ron Shimony is not just another motivational speaker. Ron shares the principles, strategies, and specific attitudes that contributed to his extraordinary accomplishments in sales, management, and leadership. His business credentials include top positions in corporate America and the ownership and operation of highly successful companies. He discusses dynamic concepts, relevant to today’s world and business challenges that encourage others to achieve their goals in any economic environment.

Ron Shimony is available for:

  • Group seminars
  • Keynote speeches
  • Sales training workshops
  • Corporate team-building
  • School visits
  • Youth group events
  • Self-improvement retreats
  • Job fairs
  • Religious events

Ron is sure to make your meeting a big hit!


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