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Motivational Keynotes and Inspirational Talks

Ron Shimony motivates, inspires, and teaches through his amazing story of overcoming great odds with perseverance and a survival attitude. Learn why enjoying the journey is part of the battle—and how to get started. Learn to articulate dreams, form plans, and work toward their achievement. Learn to use America’s great freedoms and opportunities to raise the red, white, and blue flag of victory!

View Ron’s video for a sample of his direct, universal appeal. He speaks to the individual and demonstrates the simple truth: If I can, so can you!

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“The Power of a Positive Attitude”
Ron shares his thoughts, ideas, and experiences in developing a strong and positive mental attitude under extreme survival circumstances.

  • Challenges create upward momentum.
  • Recognize new opportunities among challenges.
  • What are you telling yourself about crisis, challenge, and change?

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“Personal Development”
In the process of becoming a recognized business coach and leader, Ron developed key principles that anyone can apply to their business and personal lives to achieve success.

  • Changing your life starts by changing yourself
  • Your 24-hour trainer
  • Which “System” are you part of?
  • Manifesting your personal greatness

“Change Creates Possibilities”
Ron teaches specific attitude adjustments and mind-sets for dealing with business and personal risks, obstacles, disappointments, and battles.

  • A painful change always brings a healthy outcome
  • The 4 key steps in adapting to change
  • Living with a new mind-set

“Leadership for Your Life”
Ron’s extraordinary achievements as a Corporate Senior Executive and CEO are a result of his ability to build and lead a team while executing business objectives.

  • Leadership vs. Management
  • The 5 essential keys to building a successful team
  • The Exceptional Leader
  • Bringing out the best in people – the fundamentals in leadership
  • Senior Leadership Development

“Communication for Your Life”
Ron teaches effective communication elements for a happy, productive, and successful life by demonstrating how these skills launched his business and sales careers.

  • The power of people skills
  • The power of the tongue
  • Group meetings communication vs. one-on-one

“The Sales Mind-Set”
Ron shares selling mind-sets, attitudes, techniques, and habits through tales of his amazing sales achievements.

  • Selling vs. Telling
  • Selling habits and specific attitudes
  • Advertise your business with endless referrals
  • Implementing an organizational-wide selling focus

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Ron inspires young people in high school and college to set the bar high! He shares how a new mind-set, attitude, and habits can facilitate anything that young people aspire to become or to create. Young audiences will take away practical tools for their own success plans, as well as high-impact motivation and inspiration for achieving their dreams and goals.

  • YOU can do it when you set your mind to it!
  • 5 Key Areas for amping-up your personal influence
  • Personal excellence in your teen years –why bother?
  • Struggle equals opportunity – the time is NOW!


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