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Meeting Planners! Planning on Booking a Motivational Speaker?

Thank you for considering Ron Shimony for your next meeting or corporate event! We understand that planning and coordinating an exciting and productive gathering for your client or organization takes effort and flexibility. To assist you, we've provided an easy-to-use form that will help us customize a talk for your next big meeting.

When preparing for your event, Ron will:

  • Review your organization's vision and mission statement, internal and external customers, industry and competition, and departmental/corporate dynamics. He will gear his presentation to your audience's needs.
  • Conduct a preliminary overview with you and/or your designated representatives to ensure that his content is on target with your business and event objectives.
  • Provide you with any promotional materials, photos, introductions, AV requirements, etc., necessary for a smooth, professional performance.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

10 Reasons Why Ron's Sessions Are So Effective:

  1. Ron's credentials in business bring undeniable authority to his words.
  2. Audiences don't just listen to Ron's talk; they are absorbed in an experience that allows his powerful message of personal hope to go deeper.
  3. Ron's amazing story of overcoming great odds gives him first-hand credibility in the field of Motivational and Inspirational Speaking.
  4. The minute Ron steps on stage, his presence and conviction immediately hook the audience into his speech.
  5. Ron is a gifted storyteller; he shares important concepts in a personal context that audiences will never forget.
  6. Countless testimonials show that diverse groups have greatly benefited from hearing Ron's message.
  7. Ron is an energetic keynote speaker whose style is riveting, entertaining, and down-to-earth.
  8. An emotional and heart-felt learning experience is much more effective than just teaching and preaching.
  9. Audience members take away real-world and life lessons that apply to their business and personal lives.
  10. Ron's speaking performance will make a difference in your business!

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