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"WOW! Ron's life story is a hair-raising, gut-wrenching, and heart-accelerating that will help you to realize there ain't no mountain too high, no river too deep, no obstacle too tough to keep you from achieving your goal. It is truly "A Message of Personal Hope" that will stir the smoldering embers of revitalization and enhance the lives of those who implement the lessons he shares. Anyone listening to Ron speak can't help but be inspired, uplifted and motivated to do more with his or her own life!"

Ed Foreman - Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Former United States Congressman

"Ron is a powerful speaker whose story of courage, determination and commitment will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and take your talents to new heights that will amaze you! Through his real-world examples, his commitments, and his success, Ron inspires all of us to raise the bar in our own lives, secure in the belief that anything is possible. When you listen to Ron speak and hear his life story, you will never be the same again."

Les Brown,
Mrs. Mamie Brown’s baby boy, Best Selling Author of Live Your Dreams,
World Renown Motivational Speaker and Television Personality

"Ron, I've worked with many speakers over the years, and you stand out as one of the most inspiring and motivating speakers I have ever listened to. Moreover, your interaction with the audience, story telling, and passion are commendable, and your message is relevant to all phases of life...from business to the home."

Abram Doncel
Regional Sales Director, Roche Laboratories, Inc.

"An engaging motivational keynote speaker, Ron's high energy, customized, and motivational keynotes showed our team how to overcome fear, adapt to change, build trusting relationships with our internal and external customers, and take action that leads to results in business and life. You made a big difference in our overall business production and in each of our 13 Sprint retail store locations. Thank you!"

Anita Willy
Event Planner, Sprint Cermak, Inc.

"‘Inspiring, motivating, emotional, entertaining, and riveting’ are the first words that come to mind when describing your performance, Ron. Ron has a great ability to translate his life and business experience into key sales and leadership principles that can apply to each of us. His amazing story lines around determination, persistence, a "no giving-up" attitude, focus, and execution that really resonated with our organization."

Brad Bialas
President, BluePay, Inc.

"Our decision to hire Ron was the best choice we could have made. He customized a unique program tailored just for us. He carefully blended examples from our own business, his personal and business experience, and shared practical ideas we have implemented into our 100 retail stores. In the following months after his seminar, we experienced a revenue growth of 15%. He will make a difference in your overall business production as well!"

Hakam Batarseh
President and CEO, ABC Wireless, Inc.

"I would be happy to personally recommend Ron to those who are seeking a first-rate, energetic, motivational and inspirational speaker who can address a diverse group on a variety of topics such as leadership, sales, dealing with change, and overcoming obstacles."

Larry P. Roches
Chairman and CEO, DBS Communications, Inc.

"Ron has exceptional, value-oriented selling skills, and he imparts this approach of selling to others through an amazing speaking style. Ron teaches how to build credibility, trust, and a strong relationship that focuses on client needs and solutions by demonstrating great value."

Pete Wendell
Faculty member, Stanford University of Business, Founder and Managing Director of Sierra Ventures

"Ron is skilled at communicating complex and technical subjects in easy-to-understand terms with energy and enthusiasm. In addition, while speaking, he is able to motivate others to grow, achieve, and pursue excellence."

Laren Whiddon
Former Vice President and General Manager, at&t Wireless (formally known as Cingular Wireless)

"Ron is a dynamic speaker and leader who shows how these abilities help to build a sustainable and successful team. He conveys key leadership principles with energy and compassion, inspiring others to lead the way."

Jim Goodwin
Former Chairman and CEO, United Airlines

"Ron puts all of his exceptional skills to work in every speaking session. His relevant materials and interactive delivery style keeps audiences riveted. Your group will be moved!"

Juan Ortiz
President and Founder, WeSpeak, Inc.

"Ron’s talk was the perfect climax to our conference, and his program was better than I could have even imagined. Your speaking experience was of immense help to our staff. Not only was your presentation informative and real world, but you also captured everyone's attention and piqued their motivation. Our people still rave about their experience!"

Suhail Sarsour
President and CEO, World Access, LLC

"Your enthusiasm and excellent presentation skills made our event the best ever yet. Thanks for such a powerful message of belief and for making a difference in our business as well as in our own belief in ourselves that we can reach higher. You touched our heart! What an inspiring message and speech!"

Bill Manor
President, Video Buyers Group

"Ron, you have done a fantastic job in delivering a message of hope, possibility thinking, and overcoming life’s roadblocks through your high-energy engagement and your ability to personalize your message to our company’s needs. You embraced our focus on teamwork, leadership, and striving for excellence at a critical time for our business."

Sheila Kite
Event Planner, Ingram Corporation



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